Change Log

07.04.2020 РMechanical System Changes 

  1.  Updated Assembly File ( and Production Files ( based on our testing of the first 6 functional prototypes.
  2. Stepper Motor change from Nema17 to Nema23 for more pulling and holding torque
  3. Stepper Motor position was changed from the edge to the middle for a better and more uniform pull. The belts are also fastened in tangent.
  4. The component 3DP_motor_1 has been slightly changed for easier assembly and for Nema 23 shaft; and fastening 2 sides for the belt
  5. The component SM_internal and SM_external have been redesigned for easier assembly and for Nema23
  6. BVM holder 3DP_bvmholder_1, have been redesigned for following BVM form change and motion during the compression from the belt.
  7. DC plug socket has been changed to R7B connector

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